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You are a genius!
Chris -- We can\'t thank you enough for your brilliant product! When my 2001 Jetta trunk latch broke last week, my husband and I knew we did NOT want to spend hundreds of dollars at a VW dealership to fix it. A quick internet search turned up your site -- which not only diagnosed the problem, but offered an ingenious, inexpensive fix. The kit arrived in today\'s mail, and within minutes, we easily installed the parts (with the help of your video)...and problem solved! Again, many many thanks for inventing this product and sharing it with your fellow VW owners. Hook \'em horns! (We recognized the Longhorn on the back of your Jetta -- my husband went to UT). :)
Marsha Griffin ( Northridge, CA )
This site was last modified on: Sunday 16 October 2016
really worked
Watched the video online and decided to try this. I took off all the screws of the trunk cover of my 2001 vw jetta and sure enough the cheap plastic part the guys talked about had broken off. I easily put in the two parts, spent more time screwing in the cover back in with the 13 screws, and it works great!
I would push my trunk button and I would hear the noise but it wouldn't push, this is the answer to the problem. tha...
tyler ( oregon ) 11/21/2013 11:29pm