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really worked
Watched the video online and decided to try this. I took off all the screws of the trunk cover of my 2001 vw jetta and sure enough the cheap plastic part the guys talked about had broken off. I easily put in the two parts, spent more time screwing in the cover back in with the 13 screws, and it works great! I would push my trunk button and I would hear the noise but it wouldn\'t push, this is the answer to the problem. thanks!
tyler ( oregon )
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The Occam's Razor in terms of solutions for this all-too-common hassle for Jetta owners. So simple, so elegant, such a perfect fit, so easy to install with no knowledge of any mechanics, so much better than the part it replaces. I wish all repairs were this thoughtfully designed and easy. Well done and thanks for giving me back the trunk of my 2001 ...
Lena ( Baltimore, MD, USA ) 06/05/2012 12:06pm