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Simply Awesome! I greatly appreciate your dedication to your website and your works. Took me several minutes to get something that would have taken hours to fix,
including the possibility of having to get a rental car and major costs in replacing the entire trunk motor (which in this case I did not need at all). I will spread this out to the VW community. Thanks again!
Stefan G ( Student )
This site was last modified on: Sunday 16 October 2016
Why didn't I do this earlier???
My latch in my 2002 Jetta, has broken twice in the past 6 years. The last time it broke, I tried a replacement part from a national chain, only to have it fail 16 days outside of the warranty. I do a google search for latch DIY repairs, and find this product. I watch the video. It makes sense. It was even less expensive a fix, than from my local VW dealer's OEM part. It took maybe 10 minutes to remove the trunk liner, install the part, replace the liner and try it out. My only regret, is that I didn't find this thing sooner. Great job gu...
Marcus Shull ( Columbus, Ohio ) 06/22/2013 11:01pm