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Awesome product! Fraction of the dealer part price!
Seriously, one of the best things I\'ve ran across! VW parts are not cheap. I knew all I needed was a small plastic part and not the whole configuration which would have run me 100s of dollars. I\'m 9 months pregnant so initially I planned for my husband to install the part but after watching the video I gave it a try and had it fixed within 10 minutes. Super easy, cheap and better quality than the original. I\'ve told all my vw friends about this!
Aja Hopkins ( Arlington, TX )
Does what it says - easy to install
After watching the videos and buying your part (preceded by a $300+ estimate from the dealer to fix the trunk), I enlisted my 12-year-old granddaughter in the repair project. We had to do the trunk crawl, took turns holding the flashlight and locating the 13 magic screws. A moment of particular delight was finding the pieces of the broken part JUST LIKE IN THE VIDEO. Maybe a 1/2 hour job, would be half of that if you don\'t have to do the trunk crawl. I\'m 1000% satisfied.
Alan ( New York City )
Trunk Latch Still Working
The latch took only 1 minute to fix with the new part and still works 3 months later. Removing the rear panel took more time since I had to crawl inside the car then locate all the screw heads. Replacing the panel was easier since the trunk was now open. Very ingenious design and highly recommended. Thanks for solving the problem with a simple and inexpensive fix.
Walter ( Frederick MD )
Great fix!
The product works perfect! I installed it in less than 4 minutes total. Love it when you can fix something permanently the first time! I thank you for a \"no nonsense straight forward fix!
Steve Minnick ( Florida )
You, sir, are a genius! I am not very mechanically inclined but decided to do it myself. Extremely easy install, very well made parts, easy instructions. Saved me a ton of money. Good old American ingenuity to fix \"German engineering\". ;-)
Jimmy ( Birmingham, Alabama )
Jetta Trunk Fix Kit
This thing worked even better than I imagined. Two small screws and it is done. Saved me a lot of time and trouble. Thank you so much!
James R Anderson ( United States )
Problem Solved
The design of this product could not have been better. The installation was so easy and the product is designed to last for years unlike the the original part. Somebody should send this to VW R&D, they might learn something.
Donald Gauntner ( Fort Lauderdale, Fl )
review of jetta trunk fix
Product is much thicker than the original equipment piece of junk that VW put on their vehicle. I am certain that this fix will outlast the car itself. The install was straightforward without watching the video and am impressed with the quality of the workmanship that goes into the product. I did have to adjust the linkage a bit but that only takes a few seconds to do this. Overall, works great and happy with the shipping time and would recommend highly.
hugh newton ( longview washington )
I don\'t normally write reviews on products that work, because I EXPECT a product to work as described. That being said, I had to make a special trip back to this website to express my satisfaction with this one! It is an amazing design (simple) that installs in under one minute. It took longer to take the panel off than it did to install this jem. PRESTO! my trunk works again. I am beyond happy with your product. THANKS AGAIN!
Shane Renfroe ( Plantersville, Alabama )
Let me say that this is ridiculous. That was so easy it\'s brilliant. After removing the trunk lid liner, I spent all of 60 seconds installing the kit and my trunk was back in action, and that included testing it, twice. Best money I\'ve spent on fixing the car.
Sherman Kester ( Boise, ID )
Trunk Fix
The installation was quick. The materials were a perfect fit. I will make sure to let my people know of this product. Thanks for the help.
John ( Trunk Fix , NY )
You are a genius!
Chris -- We can\'t thank you enough for your brilliant product! When my 2001 Jetta trunk latch broke last week, my husband and I knew we did NOT want to spend hundreds of dollars at a VW dealership to fix it. A quick internet search turned up your site -- which not only diagnosed the problem, but offered an ingenious, inexpensive fix. The kit arrived in today\'s mail, and within minutes, we easily installed the parts (with the help of your video)...and problem solved! Again, many many thanks for inventing this product and sharing it with your fellow VW owners. Hook \'em horns! (We recognized the Longhorn on the back of your Jetta -- my husband went to UT). :)
Marsha Griffin ( Northridge, CA )
Worked great
Worked just as advertised. Simple installation and trunk is fixed. Thanks so much!
Ed Long ( Miami, FL )
Quick Delivery and Quick Fix
I ordered my Jetta Trunk Fix later on a Monday evening and I received in the Thursday mail. The hardest part of this fix was crawling into the trunk from the back seat and removing the screws and panel to get to the broken part. The \"fix\" didn\'t require any more dis-assembly. The part slip over the broken piece and the included screws go right into place like VW had designed the \"fix\" to be installed when the OEM part breaks. Literally a 1 minute fix. I hand tightened the screws to see if I needed to make any adjustments, which I did not. I tightened the screws and replaced the panel in trunk, now I can use my trunk again with out going through the back seats. The fix cost less then the dealer part and It looks more sturdy. I give it 5 stars. November 22, 2013
David ( South Windsor, CT )
really worked
Watched the video online and decided to try this. I took off all the screws of the trunk cover of my 2001 vw jetta and sure enough the cheap plastic part the guys talked about had broken off. I easily put in the two parts, spent more time screwing in the cover back in with the 13 screws, and it works great! I would push my trunk button and I would hear the noise but it wouldn\'t push, this is the answer to the problem. thanks!
tyler ( oregon )
Excellent design
Thank you for the Jetta Truck fix. It took me 5 minutes to install. I am thrilled. What a wonderful design. So easy. Worth the money, as there really is no labor involved.
Laura Castanza ( United States )
The parts work exactly as it says. Install n a few minutes and works perfectly. We\'ll worth the $30 instead of having the deals hip reace the entire mechanism at a cost of $300. Highly recommended!!!!
Jim Sprunk ( Home )
Awesome Product!
I purchased this item for my car and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, my car was totaled in a rear-end accident. When my new jetta started having the trunk issue, I knew exactly where to go to get it fixed. Thank you for the product and the installation video!!!
Rhonda ( Vallejo, Ca )
Great product
Attempted the J-B Weld fix, which only lasted a few days while I was waiting for delivery for Jetta Trunk fix kit. Installation was a quick five minutes, great aftermarket product, sturdy and well put together! Thanks Shad
Shad ( Not Cal )
Worth Every Penny
I didn\'t notice how much I used my trunk until my latch gave out.. After looking around for common problems and solutions, I came across jettatrunk.com and figured I would give it a shot and see what happens.. Literally 3 minutes of having the trunk fix kit I had a working latch.. It took longer to remove the carpet on the trunk lid than it took to install the part. It feels awesome to have a product that actually works and does the job properly.
Kyle ( Greenville, South Carolina )
Fantastic value, works great
Thanks so much for making this ingenious kit available. It was extremely easy to install on my 2001 Bora and works like a charm. I am very impressed by the design of the parts, well done!
Steve ( Melbourne, Australia )
One word: AWESOME!!!
This kit literally saved me hundreds of dollars and took only a few minutes. I couldnt be more pleased. Good job!
Chris ( Oregon )
Great Product and Service
Great product, easy to install, and fast delivery. I had replaced the poorly designed VW part on our 2000 Jetta with an OEM part, and it broke within 6 months. Eventually, the latch broke, and I was considering giving the VW part another try, when I found jettatrunk.com. What you have done is private enterprise at its best. VW didn\'t care enough about tens of thousands of customers to fix this problem, so you stepped in with a brilliant solution. I appreciate you efforts, and I would recommend this fix to anyone. Thanks!
James Schneider ( Austin, TX, United States )
Easy, and it really does work!
I just installed the Jetta Trunk Fix Kit, and it was a breeze. Like someone else mentioned, it takes more time to remove the phillips head screws from the cover of the trunk. I highly recommend that you purchase this fix kit if your Jetta trunk will not open. Thank you!
Jennifer R. ( Arizona )
Still going strong!
My post regarding the fix on the \'tex, which includes an adjustment image with captions: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4715277-Jetta-trunk-fix&p=68495126&viewfull=1#post68495126 I installed this in November of 2010, and I have had zero issues with it. I did try a different one before this, and it was made of cheap material - in fact, it had broken during shipping. Wonder how long *that* would have held up under regular use... The Jetta Trunk Fix Kit is made of good, durable material and very sturdy - I have no doubt this will last the life of the car. Thanks for making a quality product!
Jason G ( South Carolina )
Why didn\'t I do this earlier???
My latch in my 2002 Jetta, has broken twice in the past 6 years. The last time it broke, I tried a replacement part from a national chain, only to have it fail 16 days outside of the warranty. I do a google search for latch DIY repairs, and find this product. I watch the video. It makes sense. It was even less expensive a fix, than from my local VW dealer\'s OEM part. It took maybe 10 minutes to remove the trunk liner, install the part, replace the liner and try it out. My only regret, is that I didn\'t find this thing sooner. Great job guys.
Marcus Shull ( Columbus, Ohio )
Another Satisfied Customer !
Just wanted to say that I received the kit quickly and the installation was just as easy as demonstrated. The trunk release now works like new, and I want to say that the entire experience with your company has exceeded my expectations. Also, this kit and home repair was a huge savings over my local dealer or local mechanic repair cost. Well done JettaTrunk, and Thanks Again! Dave Tampa Florida
David Eleston ( Tampa Florida )
Hello I just got my order today.. I have a 2003 Jetta GL 1.8t, my trunk would not open using the buttons on my keypad, nor would it work with the power switch in the car... I was so skeptical to purchase this and contemplated it for about a week, then I decided to just try it. I am by NO MEANS mechanically inclined, yet I fixed my trunk in under two minutes... it was COMPLETELY simple! Thank you so much ! I would highly recommend this product to anyone ! Thanks again !!!
A Borgia ( Ft.Lauderdale FL )
Fantastic trunk fix
Have to thank my wife for finding this fix on youtube.
wilbur howell ( 125 summit hill dr wood river, il 62095 )
Fix kit rocks!
The Jetta trunk fix kit is a miracle! I have my trunk back and now my kids don\'t have to hold the groceries on their laps! it was so easy to install that I didn\'t even need my husbands help! Thanks you guys so much!!
Raemi Manning ( Vancouver, WA )
part does what they say
buy this part it does work simple install.. it take longer to remove the 13 srews holding the cover on then it takes to replace the part... and really fast shipping!!!!
( ILL. )
Thank you for this affordable and easy solution!
I really appreciate you developing this product and sharing this fix with the world! I have a 2001 Jetta and, like previous reviewers , had to adjust the arm as well. After that it works like a charm. Thank you again. We are very pleased.
( San Francisco, CA )
Awesome product!!!!!
Installation took only 5 minutes. Trunk opens every time. No more worries if my trunk or not.
Claude Moore ( Colorado )
Quicker/easier to install than to remove the trunk cover!
Fantastic product - works just as described. Took me longer to remove the trunk liner than to install the fix. The video instruction is spot on.
Derrick Turner ( Clarksville, TN )
To easy, works a treat.
Nando ( Melbourne , Australia )
jetta trunk fix
this was so awesome my part came in I was kinda sceptial at first. but it works just like the video Now I have a working trunks again thanks to ya\'ll and the piece yall created. again thank for an easy and quick fix. Oh by the way I did this all by myself without a man except for the one on video and tell him thanks also for me!! Theresa
Theresa Parker ( Single white female 57 yoa , Ridgeville sc )
Amazing product and very affordable!
This product is great, after paying the dealer almost $300 to fix this minor issue and to have it reoccur, it\'s a relief that two simple pieces and two screws can make such a difference! I am happy and have not had any issues with it, now my 2000 Jetta trunk opens like when I first bought it! I highly recommend this product for anyone having troubles with their Jetta\'s trunk
Diego Gutierrez ( California )
Finally got my trunk back!
Thanks for giving my my Jetta\'s trunk back! This fix actually works!
Mariano Mari ( Puerto Rico )
IT Works Great highly recommend!
When I saw the page I was reluctant, but I said i only have to risk 40 dollars, so I order it on sunday night and I got it today wednesday, it took me like one minute to put it on, and it really works. I really recommend!
Jetta Trunk
After 2 years of the trunk not working we finally took it to the shop, and there was not a quick fix as usual they wanted to replace the whole part. This product was awesome it worked just as described and saved us a lot of headache!!! We watched the video and it was so easy, definitely worth the money! Thanks!
Lisa Carrier ( Garden Grove, Ca )
Best Jetta Part Ever
My Mom has a 2003 jetta, and the dealer here in Tampa,FL wanted to charge over $300.00 to fix the trunk latch. I found jettatrunk on a net, order the part a few days ago. I got the part today, and it took about 10 mins to fix, and now it opens perfect. It is the Best part ever. Thanks.. :-)
James H. ( Tampa, FL )
Great product
This product work GREAT on my 2007 VW jetta gli. Thank you so much for this product. A ++
Erick ( Southeastern PA )
Nice Product
Very well thought out fix for a common problem, Very pleased with the results.
Cory Olson ( CEO Olson Customs , Oregon USA )
The Occam\'s Razor in terms of solutions for this all-too-common hassle for Jetta owners. So simple, so elegant, such a perfect fit, so easy to install with no knowledge of any mechanics, so much better than the part it replaces. I wish all repairs were this thoughtfully designed and easy. Well done and thanks for giving me back the trunk of my 2001 TDi.
Lena ( Baltimore, MD, USA )
Good retrofit
Good retrofit and easy to install. The trunk now opens properly. Thanks.
J B ( Georgia )
Simple and easy to install. I keep going downstairs and opening the trunk!! I cant believe it finally works and did not cost an arm and a leg from the dealers. Will recommend to the VW community here.
Turner ( Jamaica )
Amazing Product
My jettas Trunk wouldn\'t open with the remote so i tore it apart and found out that my crappy plastic piece had broken... went online to try to fine replacement part and the stock one\'s were expensive! I stumbled upon this site and immediately ordered the jetta funk fix kit. it arrived 3 days later (awesome) and in seriously 20 sec. i had the kit installed and a working remote trunk lid again . thank you for such an amazing cheap, high quality fix!!!
Aaron Pringle ( Amazing PRODUCT! , Gettysburg Pa )
Great Product!
My trunk has been broken for a couple of years. I\'m very happy I came across this site and the product to fix it cheaply and easily. It\'s a cinch to install and is working great.
Stacy ( San Jose, CA )
Perfect! Wonderful!
I received the parts today to fix my trunk (ordered them Monday night) You rock. I didn\'t even have to watch your how to install video, it was just a plain simple fix. I appreciate your craftsmanship!  If I can do this anyone can ... I am just a simple woman in Wisconsin!
Melissa H. ( Wisconsin )
Took 5 minutes! Wow
All I can say is this is prolly the easiest thing you will ever fix on your jetta. It only took me 5 minutes to install it! I would defiantly recommend it!
Mat Britton ( Farmington MO )
Got it in a few days and installed in less than 5 mins. Only needed a phillips head screw driver. I used my drill and went super fast. Highly recomend. Very sturdy parts.
jay ( kitchener )
Fixed in minutes!
I\'m glad I googled around and found this product. It was probably one of the easiest fixes on my daughter\'s 2000 Jetta. Easy to install, permanent repair. Saved lots of $$$.
Bill ( Baldwinsville, NY )
Outstanding service
Cannot say enough positive things about the quality of the product and the world class customer service on the part of the staff. They went above and beyond to get the part to me after a typing snafu on my part when ordering the item. Would definitely recommend this part and this site to anyone who has problem with their trunk release.
Jeremy Marchal ( Loves Park IL )
Great fix. Fast and Cheap
This a great fix went to dealer and was told it would cost about 300 to fix. thanks for the fix.
jorge ( orlando fl )
When my trunk latch broke and the dealer quoted me an incredible amount to fix it I knew I had to go another route. I am glad to have found this site. Very easy to install.
Adam ( Falls Church, Virginia )
Proud of JettaTrunk!
I am no handy man, but wow, Jettatrunk made it so easy for me to fix this. I saved hundred bucks from the dealer, a gas trip to the dealer, at least two hours of waiting time at the dealer. Thank you Jettatrunk!
Edgar of www.Hirecules.com ( San Diego, CA )
This product works exactly as stated, and the installation was almost effortless. The video makes it ridiculously easy to do it yourself. Thanks for saving me a TON of money!
John ( Oxford, MS )
just great
I ordered this kit 5 days ago , and in 5 days it reached Israel .. it was super easy to install , and the explanation with the video for the problem was awesome. and it solved the problem in 5 minutes thanks a lot I\'ll sure advertise you in our local forums
Arik ( Great Solution - great seller , Israel )
High quality simple solution to a silly problem!
Jettatrunk makes the fix we all wish for - skip the dealer, watch the video and order this product - it work and installs in just a couple minutes with just a screwdriver. Thanks for the can-do American attitude!
Mark ( Raleigh, NC )
Back up and running!
The Youtube tutorials worked well for instalation. I was not able to open my trunk by the method depicted because a piece of broken plastic wedged into the internals of the latch mechanism necessitating the removal of the latch. Once the parts arrived, all were reinstalled and adjusted. The installation of parts took maybe five minutes total. It works well--bravo for R&D and marketing.
Dave Alderman ( Wisconsin )
Worked, but had to make a slight modification.
I got the piece in today I recommend this product because it is way cheaper than the dealership part. I have a 2003 Jetta.
Steven ( Georgia )
Works great, just like the video says.
Very easy to install. Total project time was probably 4 minutes from start to finish.
Don Andersen ( Fargo ,ND )
worked as advertised
worked as advertised..Thank you!
Arthur Thomas ( Maryland, USA )
It Opens! It Finally Opens!
I can\'t believe it took me so many years before I found this product. I was just about to use Shapeways to fabricate my own solution when I found this! It\'s perfect. I just wish that you could find a way to sell it more places so it\'d be easier to find!
Mark Olson ( Philadelphia, PA )
Easy fix. Was about to hit the dealership when I stumbled upon the website, took the chance and was rewarded by saving $$. Thanks for coming up w/ this solution. As your video says \". . .it\'s better than the original\".
DD ( Austin )
so happppy!
ok so as soon as i laid my eyes on my jetta i felt inlove lol but then i couldnt open my trunk and thought i would have to pay mad money...neway to pay 40 bucks and to easily install the part nothing beats it.it took me less then 2min and i havnt had a prob yet!
marlene ( south floridddda! )
It worked!!!
Amazing. I was so happy to come across this site via google. I thought for $40 it would be worth a try before paying my mechanic more money to fix yet another broken plastic part on my 2000 Jetta. The parts came in 2-3 days and took about 15 minutes to install and it totally worked!! . The gap is still a little bigger than what\'s shown on the video, but it works just fine and I\'m so happy to be able to open my trunk again. I wish all Jetta fixes were this easy!
Sarah ( Atlanta, GA )
Couldnt have been easier...
Got my Jetta Trunk Fix Kit in the mail yesterday and installed today, all I can say is WOW! I could not believe how simple, easy and quick it was to fix my problem. VW dealer was chomping at the bit to get me for a couple hundred buck! Thanks again!
Cedric Thomas ( NC Highway Patrol , Clemmons, NC )
Recommend highly - good product, easy to do business with !
I recently purchased the Jetta Trunk repair kit before realizing that the problems with my trunk were more severe than the kit could repair, so I requested a return and refund. I returned the part, as instructed to do, and a credit to my credit card was promptly issued. Easy to do business with - I\'ll buy the part again when I need it without a second thought.
scott Shober ( Jacksonville, FL )
Fixed it quickly and easily.
The trunk on my 2000 V6 GLS Jetta stopped opening recently. I almost paid the dealer big bucks to fix it. Luckily, I found the Jetta Trunk Fix Kit online. Within minutes of opening the package, I was using my trunk again! The parts, all four of them, are durable, well designed, and are simple to install (and adjust if needed). The online video was spot on - clear, informative and to the point. Excellent product and great value. Thanks.
L. R. Johnston ( lrjohnston2@hotmail.com , The Woodlands, Texas )
The product worked just as described. As previous reviewers have stated, one needs to watch the 2nd youtube video in order to adjust the gap, as merely installing it shall not push the trunk open. After the adjustment, it works, and I would recommend the product to anyone whose Jetta trunk does not open!
ERIC KING'ARA ( Philadelphia, PA )
Googled jetta trunk fix, this site came up, watched the video, ordered the product, installed in 10 minutes or less. Awesome! Now we can use the trunk again. Thank you for the fix, it really works!
Deborah Edwards
the easiest fix for your Jetta trunk ever! It arrived today and was easily installed in 5 minutes.
This is the easiest fix for your Jetta trunk ever! It arrived today and was easily installed in 5 minutes. Wallah, we have a trunk again. Thanks!!
Tony Vaught ( Hampton, Va )
took the car to a shop for repair and as it turns out all they did was glue the broken stock piece back together; lasted about 2 days!
Since I had no idea why the trunk would not open I took the car to a shop for repair and as it turns out all they did was glue the broken stock piece back together; lasted about 2 days! I found this fix on the internet and it works exactly as designed! Excellent fix! Thanks!
Kenneth Witzell ( Kansas )
I opted for this over the manufacturer's product because it costs less, yet sturdier and easier to install. Works like a charm!
I opted for this over the manufacturer's product because it costs less, yet sturdier and easier to install. Works like a charm!
Thomas ( Nguyen , Houston, TX )
2001 Jetta/Bora - this was a cinch to install and WELL worth the money (dealership wanted $60 for the replacement bracket), especially knowing it will never break again!
Thank you for a well-designed, well-crafted, durable product - and the installation and adjustment videos make this job a breeze! If you can use a screwdriver, you can do this.
Jason Gardner ( Technical Writer , St. Louis, MO )
This product is amazing! So glad I stumbled across this. Super easy installation and works great. Definitely recommend this!!!!
This product is amazing! So glad I stumbled across this. Super easy installation and works great. Definitely recommend this!!!!
Nick Lentocha ( Maryland , College Student )
Trunk fix worked super! Thanks for engineering this fix!
Trunk fix worked super, did need to make the adjustment on the gap, but the install video prepared me for that. Thanks for engineering this fix!
Don Landers ( DIY er )
I googled "trunk won't open" and ended up finding this website. Saved my life! Moving without being able to use your trunk is a nightmare! The part was mailed the next day.
About a week before my move from Montana to California, my trunk stopped working. It was right before Thanksgiving this November, and I thought maybe my trunk was just frozen shut. It got to about 31 degrees outside later that day and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't open. I googled "trunk won't open" and ended up finding this website. Saved my life! Moving without being able to use your trunk is a nightmare! The part was mailed the next day. I was worried I wouldn't get the part before my move since it was so close to the holidays. The part arrived just in time. Thank you so much. This saved me a lot of time and money.
Molly Councill
Worked great. Easy to install.
I needed to adjust both bars, above and below the actuator (watch the videos!) It literally took longer to clear out my car than it did to install. Much better that going to the dealer.
John Callahan ( Newark, DE )
Great design and simple installation. It took me longer to remove the 13 screws on the trim panel than it did to install! I restore cars as a hobby and can appreciate the thought that went into this simple fix.
I try to avoid the VW dealership as much as possible...I am stuck with VW's high oil consumption 2 liter engine. A quart every 1000 miles is normal ?? Really??
Bernard Koltisko
Wow what a find. Ordered the trunk fix on a Sunday, received it on Wednesday. It too no more than 5 minutes to install.
I did need to adjust the upper and lower bar which were very easy to do. I didn't understand from the video that I did not need to remove screws to put the new ones in but that they thread into existing threads within the white box. That made it even faster and easier. I wish all breakable plastic parts on new cars had smart fixes like this. Thanks again.
Chris Wilmer ( Teacher , California )
Thanks so much for your great trunk fix product and your fast service! It worked just as described
in your videos and saved me a dreaded (and costly) trip to the VW dealership. Thanks again.
Sharon Marburger ( Deerfield Beach, FL )
Wow this product was super easy to install. If I can do it anyone can! Thanks
Torres Jesus ( Puerto Rico )
What a great simple fix. It took me longer to take the carpet cover off than it did to install the trunk fix.
It would have cost over $200 to have this done at the dealership, and it took me less that 10 minuets do it myself. What a great product, Thanks.
Kendra Moody ( St. Petersburg FL )
I Love how easy it was to install!
My son-in-law orderd this for my jetta and ever since he put it on I haven't had any trouble opening the trunk Thanks
Mary Andreas
Simply Awesome! I greatly appreciate your dedication to your website and your works. Took me several minutes to get something that would have taken hours to fix,
including the possibility of having to get a rental car and major costs in replacing the entire trunk motor (which in this case I did not need at all). I will spread this out to the VW community. Thanks again!
Stefan G ( Student )
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Best Jetta Part Ever
My Mom has a 2003 jetta, and the dealer here in Tampa,FL wanted to charge over $300.00 to fix the trunk latch. I found jettatrunk on a net, order the part a few days ago. I got the part today, and it took about 10 mins to fix, and now it opens perfect. It is the Best part ever. Thanks.....
James H. ( Tampa, FL ) 07/02/2012 05:04pm

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