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It worked!!!
Amazing. I was so happy to come across this site via google. I thought for $40 it would be worth a try before paying my mechanic more money to fix yet another broken plastic part on my 2000 Jetta. The parts came in 2-3 days and took about 15 minutes to install and it totally worked!! . The gap is still a little bigger than what's shown on the video, but it works just fine and I'm so happy to be able to open my trunk again. I wish all Jetta fixes were this e...
Sarah ( Atlanta, GA ) 06/17/2011 05:21pm

Inactive Modules

You should publish modules to the "inactive" position and set the Menus to "All", for them to show up on pages where there is no active menu ID. This is a bug/feature of Joomla that causes only menu items in the "All" setting to show up.